At Riverside Ranch we manufacture a variety of wood products available for on-site pickup or delivery. The products we make are of the highest quality in the industry.

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go greenRiverside Ranch is proud to be a


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wood otherwise burned or hauled to landfills and manufacture usable


wood products.
Playzone IPEMA


PlayZone playground safety surfacing, is an impact attenuation (fall cushioning) product. PlayZone engineered wood fiber meets the highest quality control standard and is IPEMA certified.

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Landscape Mulch


We offer three varieties of quality mulch: white wood, cedar and blue chip. All varieties are sold by the cubic yard in bulk and our cedar mulch can also be purchased by the bag.

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Animal Bedding

Animal Bedding

Premium, clean, dust-free animal bedding is offered in two varieties. Bedding is sold by the bag or by the cubic yard.

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Oil Field Use

We provide various quality wood fiber products and cottonseed hulls, ideal for lost circulation material (LCM). LCM products are sold by the ton in bulk and by the bag to meet your specifications. Custom blends available.

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